And so it begins…

I’m finally diving into blogging! After so many years of really good questions from friends and followers, I’ve decided it’s time to just get started answering some in a blog format. This will be where I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes from various remodeling projects going on, some how-to’s and some disasters as they happen… but first, let’s take part in the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge!! This fun design challenge is getting me motivated to get this blog going, and also finish off some rooms in our house that never made the first round cut when we remodeled (basically everything but the kitchen -LOL). The room I chose to start with is the master bedroom!!! So here we begin:


My master bedroom is one of the completely forgotten rooms of the house – until around midnight or 1am when we drag in exhausted and just collapse! It predominately features the swirly Ikea bed frame we got when we were poor college grads, so sturdy and the perfect height, that I just never made it a priority to get rid of it, even though it doesn’t match my current tastes.


I like this fun rug because it’s the only thing cheerful in the room, but it’s too small, and I need something lighter! From here you can see how dark these awful blinds are that came with the house when we bought it – yuck! Poop brown accordion shades! To the right is our exercise room 😀


Nothing to see here, folks, absolutely nothing…


The “exercise room” also doubles as old shoe storage area and tv tray docking station 😀


For this makeover, I’ll be looking for a simple metal bed – preferably gold or black – to replace this bad boy. I’m keeping the side tables (I think), and will be keeping an eye out for the perfect piece of artwork to go above our bed. I might need to make a new dust ruffle & “comforter” -although in Texas this means something completely different than it does in Utah- 🙂


Poop brown accordion shades right here. And they’re HUGE; each one measures 47″x82″. IF I could live with the color, I would at least like for them to be able to be raised, which they can’t right now. Each time you pull the string, the entire thing comes crashing down on you because they’re so heavy. The worst part??? The most gorgeous hill country views out the back of our 6 acres are right on the other side! Sigh.

So there you have it! My One Room Challenge –  Welcome to my world!

To get an idea of what this space might look like afterwards, go to my Projects page to see some of my finished remodels & get a look at my style.

To see all the designers participating, visit the One Room Challenge website here.


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  1. Libbie says:

    Welcome!!! Both to the ORC and to the blogging world. You will meet some of the nicest people here. Lookg forward to following your journey!


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