Planning our Master Retreat

Master Retreat mood board

Well, this is what I was able to accomplish this week! 😀 A Mood board! Hahaha 😀

I found a king size bed that I fell in love with and it is now out of the box and waiting to be put together – YESss….but I forgot that I would need a new bedskirt, so I had to order that before I put the bed together and switch everything over :/. The bed is the perfect brushed bronze/ brassy brown that I was looking for, and the bars aren’t so far apart that your pillow would fall through the cracks!

I ordered some gorgeous heavy weight 100% linen in these most beautiful colors of deep green, pale aqua, and white for the new bedspread. I’ve washed the fabrics and dried them, so I won’t have to worry about colors bleeding or any shrinking after it’s made. I’m going to be working on a design to incorporate all three colors that will fit a king size bed (since the fabric I bought is wide, but not THAT wide!) over the next week or so.


I’ve decided on light colored roller shades for the new window treatments. I love long drapey curtains, but my husband suffers from very bad allergies, so NO-NO to any extra fabric in this bedroom, where dust can collect! (That’s also why we’ve always had a metal bed)  I’ve received samples of different light colored black-out material from Select Blinds Company, and now am just trying to narrow it down. Here they are: left photo in evening light, right photo in daylight.

Which one would you choose? I’m leaning toward simplicity and the top right, marked “Eggshell”. The rug I think I want to get for this room is a blonde flat-weave jute 8 x 10. I’m only worried that it will shed and not be super comfy. Here are the final choices – help me decide! The center one is the blonde jute that’s on the mood board. The one on the right is looped wool, and the one on the left is polypropylene (soft).

I’m finally going to install some bedside lights & I’m so excited about it! I’ve ordered these cute wall sconces, and will have my electrician install them and also put in a wall switch behind each bedside table to turn them on and off, since these don’t have a turn switch on them. Here’s what I decided on:

master wall lights

I still need to decide about artwork over the bed, and whether I’ll be getting our very first dresser or not! Let me know what you think about the shades choices and rug options, check out all the other One Room Challenge participants, and have a great weekend!  😀

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