ORC- Week Four

My trip to Nashville this week put a dent in my master makeover progress, but here’s a quick update post since the electrician came today. Yippee! We finally have wall sconces!


Even better, we now have individual light switches for our bedside lights! I’m so excited! 😀 PLUS I had the electrician add 4 electrical boxes for LED recessed lights to go in the four corners of our bedroom. It’s been SO dark for so many years – I’m finally going to be able to see in here!! YESSS. I’ll be sharing more about how amazing LED recessed lights are when we install them this next week. First I need to prime and paint my ceiling, though. We had a leak in the roof awhile ago, and we patched it right away, but it left some spots on our ceiling. It’s time to finally get that good primer and ceiling paint out and get that fixed. Stay tuned on how best to cover water spots on the ceiling, and which primer to use!

I also got one of our new blackout shades installed today. There was quite a learning curve in figuring out how to get the tension right, so that it rolls up properly. Hopefully the others will go up faster tomorrow! I ordered these from Select Shades and am super impressed with the quality and look of these roller shades. I’m loving the crisp clean lines and the gorgeous linen-like fabric shade. I’ll definitely be posting more pictures of these for you!

Lastly, our jute rug is here and waiting patiently for a cleaned and mopped floor to lay out on. 🙂 Once all the dust is settled, and the ceiling paint is dry, and recessed lights installed, you know this baby is going to fit right in!

Be sure to check out all the amazing work by all the participants this week, at One Room Challenge Week Four!!

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