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I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University before raising my 5 amazing kids as a stay-at-home mom.   I bought my first remodel as a side project when the youngest 2 were in high school, and now it’s become a true passion (over 30 whole-house remodels later).  My interest in interior design stems from a desire to create sanctuaries where people can go to find shelter from the storms of life.   Home should be a place of refuge, peace, security, and beauty;    a place we can experience real communion with what is most important & divine in our lives.

I love remodeling because I also feel compelled to make something once-loved into something better – to find the untapped beauty and ultimate “song” each home has to sing from deep inside it.   Tapping into that inner voice of each home  (whether it’s a remodel, or a new build), and growing it into a beautiful harmonious symphony, is my goal in each of my projects.  I think of my design style as rich in light, and meandering in composition;  elegant eclecticism.   I hope you find happiness & inspiration in these walls.